Because the WESA Token is not your conventional Crypto Currency!

AssetId DanXi6idvX86SBGWSM5K6juGc3k4seMWgnX6KoXcfKzy

Quantity 35,000,000 WESA

Decimals 8

Description: The Official Currency Of The We Share Abundance Community.

Not Reissuable

The WESA Token was created on the Waves Exchange and is the official currency of the We Share Abundance community.

Tokens are issued to members at no cost for perfoming simple tasks and this is designed to provide a basic income to help members have their needs met and so fight poverty on a global scale.

We Share Abundance is a non-profit organisation and sales of the WESA Tokens are used to provide basic needs for people of all nations.

The Token was created 10.04.2020, 07:19:03 and at that time had a value of $1 each.

Since the WESA Token was created it has consistantly increased in value and as of today's date (November 17, 2020) it is trading at $149.87 according to CoinRanking.com

This makes WESA one of the best investments available in todays world and you are invited to help fight global poverty by buying some tokens for your future nest egg.

Treat the purchase as a donation to the cause.

New WESA Tokens are only released into the marketplace at the rate of 20,000 a month and this drives up the value through scarcity.

If you have a desire to help people of all nations, creeds, backgrounds, race (or any other superficial difference) then we invite you to make a donation which will be rewarded with an allocation of WESA Tokens at the market value at the time we gratefully receive your gift.